a message on behalf of John H. DuBois III

Bela Lubkin filbo at armory.com
Sat Mar 24 00:20:47 PDT 2012

I regret to inform the SCO user community that long-time contributor
John H. DuBois III (johnd at sco.com; spcecdt at armory.com) passed away on
March 11th after a long struggle with cancer.  He was 48 and is survived
by his wife Irene and his young sons John IV and Blake.

A memorial event is happening on Saturday March 24th; information is at

Streaming video will be available on <http://spcecdt.com>, if all goes
well.  Later that will become a true memorial site.

I and several other friends of John are continuing to maintain his open
access Unix shell account site, armory.com.  It will continue to run SCO
OpenServer 5 for the forseeable future, though we do intend to
virtualize the system as soon as possible.


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